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How can both people in the relationship fit both of their dreams into one life together?

We explore some of these ideas in this episode. We both draw from our own experiences of having relationships while going after our own permaculture dreams. We take a honest look at these issues, it is is very real.

Maybe your relationship is OK. Maybe things are fine. But that's now. The big question is - how fine are things going to be down the line when the pressure is applied? Is your relationship anti-fragile? As my guest for this episode Joey Delia says, "it's not until s*** breaks loose that we start to scramble." But sometimes it is too late.

That is what we are talking about in this episode. Putting the work in ahead of time, and all of the time, to help increase the resiliency and make relationships anti-fragile. We aren't therapists and we aren't suggesting specific techniques or steps, but what we are suggesting is that you should consider doing something. Maintaining clear communication and goals on an ongoing basis. I think everyone out there can say that if they put a little more time consistently into their relationships that they would be better.

Have the hard conversations. Have the uncomfortable conversations. Make yourself vulnerable and make the relationship stronger.

Don't forget or sacrifice the relationship for that thing that may be fleeting. Put the time in and do the work. There are tools our there than can help. Give the relationship the respect it deserves.

I hope this episode gets you thinking and most importantly I hope you do something with this information.

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