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This episode is a short PV2 episode with PV2 speaker and multiple time guest on this show Javan Bernakevitch.

This is an episode about person journeys. How many people, including myself, are in this place, Island A, and we want to go to that place that we dream about Island B.

In this episode we take an in depth look at the journey that many people are on. Like many people out there I am on this journey to change my life in a way that I do work that I am passionate about and that I believe in, call it work that matters. But I know first hand that it is easy to say, but hard to make that a reality. Especially when you need that work to cash flow, think kids, mortgage, living expenses. Living the permaculture dream isn't easy. I get it.

This episode get's pretty real and pretty passionate for me. As a result, this episode has some swearing in it. Not much, but some. So if you can't handle it, don't listen.

Show Notes:

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