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Today's show is another remarkable story of another entrepreneur, a permaculture entrepreneur.

It's the story of someone who went from being an anti-money activist to running a $1M permaculture design and build business. A business that catches millions of gallons of water, builds soil on hundreds of acres, plants hundreds of useful trees every year, restores native habit, redesigns our cites our schools and new developments.

It is a success story that is 10 years in the making. And one was almost derailed a few times along the way.

But just like with Harland Sanders, it was persistence and a strong belief in what he was doing that allowed my guest today, Erik Ohlsen of Permaculture Artisans, to continue his vision and build it into a $1M design business.

If you don't think that permaculture based business can be profitable or be big, here's an example of one to change your mind...

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