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Today's episode focuses on fear.

Fear is a very powerful motivator for humans. It's part of what keeps us alive. But it's also what holds us back.

It holds us back by taking over our mind. Stalling our actions because we are afraid of imaginary, un-quantifiable, or low odd outcomes.

There's a big difference between being scared in shark infested waters and being scared about the sea level rising and flooding global coast lines.

One could literally lead to death and other might not even happen.

Yet a lot of people are paralyzed by the state of planet.

Paralyzed by events that may or may not play our as predicted in their lifetime. And while these people remain paralyzed by fear over these future events, life goes by. And with it a lot of other things take place which should have a higher level of fear associated with them.

Let's dig into this concept a little bit and see if we try to rationalize all this fear.

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