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Curtis is on vacation, so I am joined by bio-intensive farmer Jodi Roebuck.

Jodi's been farming and studying under the originator of the Grow Bio-Intensive form of farming, John Jeavons, for 18 years.

Jodi's well known for using Jeavon's bio-intensive method to build soil. Soil that's deep and loose enough to literally put your arm into up to your elbow.  It's a soil that well known grower JM Fortier has called some of the best soil that he's ever seen.  It's from this rich soil that Jodi farms, growing his own fertility, his own food, saving seeds, and educating the next generation of farmers.

He's traveled the world studying under the masters and visiting a lot farms along the way.  This summer Jodi made a stop in North America where he visited the home farms of both JM Fortier and Curtis.  As a result, he's very familiar with their market gardening style.  The question then becomes how can he apply his knowledge of bio-intensive practices to the context of market farming, and that's where we pick up the conversation today.

Where do the worlds of bio-intensive growing and market gardening collide, and what's possible...

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