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Farming Against All Odds with Ray Tyler of Rosecreek Farms

From laid off and in debt to grossing $120,000 on one acre.

Today's show goes beyond Curtis and the urban farm, as we take a look at another small scale vegetable producer and their farm.

We all know that running a business is hard.

We all know that running a farm business is hard.

But think everyone knows how hard it actually is.  How much it can push you to the limits and test your to your core?  

It's during those tests, when the world seems darkest, that most entrepreneurs throw in the towel.  The pressure, the stress, the money, it's all too much.

Nonetheless more and more people flock to farming without any experience, not totally knowing what they are getting themselves into..

One of those people was Ray Tyler...

Ray started out like a lot of people who get into farming, he was inspired by to get into farming by Joel Salatin's You Can farm...

He started raising livestock, and then life got real...

Imagine yourself as a new farmer running a full time livestock operation raising 50 pigs and a few thousand chickens a year.  

And then imagine running a two acre market garden on top of that...

And along the way the, your 5 year old daughter gets caner...

It was a moment that put Ray's farm and life on the ropes... it's the story of Ray Tyler or Rosecreek Farms...

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