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Today is Part 2 of The Anti-fragile Property Series with Rob Avis of Adaptive Habit.

If you missed Part One, go back and check that one out, Episode 222.

In that episode we looked at the idea of owning land as insurance, today takes the discussion of finding an anti-fragile property a step further, and take a look at how you should approach purchasing a property if you are worried about things like climate change, the financial system, debt, terrorism, disease, water insecurity, a fragile food system.

Any, all, or none of those issues could hit you in a significant way during your lifetime.

How do you protect against them?

One way is through property, specifically an anti-fragile property.

What's anti-fragile?

As Nassim Taleb defines it, it's simply something that gains from disorder.

Broken food system, your food forest becomes more valuable.

Energy crisis, an off grid homestead and timberstand keeps your devices running.

But the food forest, the technology and the timerstand are all things that sit on the land.

Today, we'll look at how to pick the right piece of land to make what you put on it more meaningful, or simply not even needed.

The Anti-fragile Property Series with Rob Avis of Adaptive Habitat - Part 2

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