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It's August 25, 2015 which means we are at the tail end of summer and shorter, cooler days are coming as fall nears.

We are in one of those unique periods in the year known as the shoulder season, the transition periods at the end of one season and the beginning of another.

They can be tricky time periods for farmers to navigate.

Day lengths start getting shorter, temperatures start getting cooler, and the weather starts to change.

As a farmer this is one of those time periods where it critical to be able to adapt.

You need to be able to understand the changes that are taking place in your biome and plan your crop rotations accordingly.

With an ever changing climate each situation is different and each climate is different, making these shoulder seasons tough to explain.

This episode should shine some light on the topic and give you a general approach that works.

It's this approach, and methodology, that lies at the core of every farmers ability to adapt.

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