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Gregory Landau will be one of the speakers at PV3 in March 2016.
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If the current current method of business isn't working, then something more regenerative would be better right?

Then it's up to us to design it.

Only we can't.

Because a truly regenerative web is a living whole systems awareness of all of the decision makers.  Something that's a process.  An awareness that grows over time.  It's not something that happens overnight, and it's not something that we can design.

We can only start to put the connections in place.  Then it's up to all of the decision makers in the process to take the ball and run with it.  Working together towards a common goal knowing that it isn't instant change, it's a common goal that they are all working towards.

But seeding those connections can be tough.  Because sometimes the input producers like farmers, can't get a seat at the table with some of the decision makers who make the end product.   And that's where firms like Terra Genesis and designers like Gregory Landau come in.

Gregory has also founded a direct-trade chocolate business to help reforest tropical Latin America through regenerative trading relationships.

Today we'll be using his experience with cacao to to talk about Designing the Pathway to Regeneration, and Why We can't Do That.

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