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Be very cautious about how much you are imposing on the landscape.  That's something that Darren talked about on this podcast before.  Because it's a big problem out there within the permaculture space.  People doing work on the land because they want to do the work, not because the context of the land justifies that work.

It's a mistake that most of us have made.  And it's a mistake that Darren Doherty has made in his career.  

With over 2000 clients and 25 years of professional design experience all around the world, Darren has seen a lot and learned a lot.

In this episode we'll talk about what he has learned over the last 25 years.

Darren shares a lot in this interview and takes on the hard questions like will this method of land design ever catch on?

And what are some of the mistakes that he has made in his career.  

You'll learn a lot about design in this one, including simple ways to be better than the average farm, and the importance of fiscal discipline.

As you go through this episode think about your design work, and how some of the insights that Darren discuses could apply to your world.  

Because at the end of the episode you may realize that a lot of the work that you have done or that you want to do isn't needed, because it's not in context.  And when you think about start thinking about design in the personal, environmental, and financial context, many designs become a lot simpler.

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