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As you will hear from my guest today Paul Greive of Primal Pastures "One of the most important things about marketing is not convincing people your product is X, it's about finding people who actually want X."
That’s the route that Primal Pastures has gone.  They don’t sell a cheap product.  They have positioned themselves as the premium product.   And that means they don’t try to compete in on price.  And they don’t worry about the non-believers or the price discriminant buyers. Because no amount of convincing is going to make that buyer pay up.  They already have a price point set in their mind, and the mind is a very hard thing to change as a marketing.
Therefore Primal Pasture’s sole job as marketers is to try to find and sell to the believers.  The customers who value their product for what it is and are willing to pay for it.  
Over time they have learned that "It's a really sustainable model when you can start focusing on the customer and then you can figure out what products meet their needs and what your skills are to make those products.”  It’s a key distinction that they have made for their brand, Primal Pastures and one that they have stuck too.
Branding and marketing are just one of the topics that Paul Greive of Primal Pastures and I talk about today.
In addition to that you will also learn about how to prepare for a transition from full time job to full time farmer, how to overcome early obstacles in farm startup and Paul tackles the question - is pastured poultry a good business?

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