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To set the stage...

Curtis had a next door neighbor.  That neighbor used to own Curtis's house, and he rented that house from them and farmed in the back yard.  When his neighbor decided to sell the house, Curtis then purchased the house from his neighbor.  Subsequently that same neighbor went on to move to another house in the neighborhood, and began renting out the house next door to Curtis.

In the process a conversation began about Curtis farming his neighbor’s backyard now that it was a rental.

The conversation eventual led to an agreement, one where Curtis would take down the fence between his yard and his neighbors, and extend his farm into his neighbor's back yard.  

It's a process that was built on the back of respect and social capital, and facilitated by old fashioned conversation.

Today we'll take an extended look at the transition of that back yard from lawn to production farm, and all of the challenges and successes that went with it..

It's currently May 11, 2016.

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