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Today I am talking to Dave Sewak about his new book Mycelial Mayhem.

Dave has spent his whole life around mushrooms. It all started when he was a young boy and tagged along with his grandfather on his mushroom foraging expeditions. Dave then went on to become a mushroom forage himself and has spent nearly 2 decades cultivating mushrooms as a hobby and as a business.

His book helps combine the technical knowledge with the business side of things give you a basic introduction into what the small scale mushroom business is all about.

As you will here, it's not a business for everyone, but it is a business that stacks nicely onto na already existing enterprise.

And like all businesses it's not always as easy or fun as it sounds on the surface.

In today's show we'll will address these points and discuss some of the considerations to take into account if you want to start a mushroom business. We will also talk about integrating mushrooms into a garden setting, or a market garden setting. Could you add integrate mushrooms into that system and actually get productive results?

It's an interesting concept that may prove to be a worthwhile experiment for you.

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