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The last few episodes have focused on stuff. The tools of farming. Today we are talking about the flip side of tools, the opposite of the physical. The mental side of things, in particular hustle.

The best tools and the right stuff without the business sense, hustle, and effort won't mean anything. The tools make the job easier. Just owning them doesn't mean anything. You have to do the work.

And it's that hustle to do the work form preparation to production to sales that can give you the advantage over people who just have the money and the stuff.

As Stephen C Hogan said. "You can't have a million-dollar dream with a minimum-wage work ethic."

Because if you do, where's that going to get you. Left with an unsuccessful business and collection of expensive stuff.

A lot of success isn't quantifiable with a dollar sign, instead being measured in pure blood, sweat, and hard work. And the beauty of it is that none of this costs any thing and can be applied by literally every person on the planet regardless of their particular situation.

Today, we will get into the importance of the hustle, and the areas like sales and preparation, where hustle makes the difference between you and the person who isn't hustling as hard.

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