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"They weren't just buying the product, they were buying the whole package."


That's how Chris Thoreau was able to go to a farmer's market selling one crop.  Just one.  Sunflower shoots.  He was able to go to market with just one crop because he was selling a product that had a great story.  


It was a product that was produced hyper-locally and one that was delivered to market via pedal power on a bike. 


Since Chris started his microgreen business nearly 10 years ago he has grown the business into one that has multiple employees and one that will do over $200,000 in sales in 2016.


If you want grow microgreens commercially, listen to today's episode.  You'll see how important it is to systemize your production and constantly record and analyze your results.  


It's the constant testing, analyze and adaptation that has made Chris' business hugely successful.  


I think that you will really get a lot out of this interview.


You'll learn how Chris introduced a brand new crop to his market.  How he priced that product.  


And how and why he thinks about new products to sell.


There's a lot of in depth applicable business content in here for the experienced growers.  And for the beginners you will learn what Chris suggests for some good crops to grow 


There's a lot in this one and at it's core this interview focuses heavily on core success principles - relentless testing and experimentation, constant record keeping and analysis, and knowing what to focus on.  


Let's get into it Tips and Tricks for Growing, Harvesting, and Selling Microgreens as a Business with Chris Thoreau...


For notes related to this episode visit

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