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Richard Perkin's Ridgedale Permaculture site in Sweden, a prime example of what a permaculture farm is and could be.

A site that has undergone remarkable changes in just a few years.  Going from your average rural farm to the penultimate functioning permaculture farm that's right out the pages of a book.  And one that would also become a book.

Unlike many permaculture demonstration sites, Richard's site functions as a farm.  

I think it's a great example because permaculture or not, first and foremost it's a farm.  A profitable stand-alone farm.  

Where the permaculture comes in, is they layer on permaculture over that working small farm model.   They use the design tool where needed and as needed, but all while paying attention to the bottom line knowing that the farm has to pay for itself.    

The amazing thing about what Richard is doing, is he isn't doing it in the tropics or sub-tropics.

He's doing it in Sweden at the 59th parallel with 6 months of winter and 6 months of everything else.

That's the equivalent of the Northern part of the prairie provinces in Canada 700 miles above the US border.

Not the easiest of locations to be doing this in, but one where he's making it work.

And in true permaculture fashion the problem is the solution and the 6 months of winter allow Richard to rigorously plan out everything that he's doing on the farm.  One of the things that have really allowed him to fast track development of his farm.

In this episode we go in depth on how he's done so much so fast, covering a lot of topics from rotational grazing to holistic management to no dig market garden beds.

If you are looking how to blend permaculture, and farming in a way that works, this is it.

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