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Given summer heat growing certain crops can be really tough, especially greens.  Given the tendency of the normally cool weather lettuces to bolt quickly, turn bitter, and have their foliage burn, many growers simply pass on trying to grow summer greens.  The challenges are too great and the returns are too low.

But not for all growers.  Over the past few weeks I talked to a lot of growers and I tried to track down farmers who were growing greens exceptionally well in some very adverse hot conditions.

For today's show I got a group of those growers together and asked them all how their doing it, growing greens during the summer heat.  And not just growing them, but
growing them very successfully.

In today's episode you will hear how their doing it and what goes into growing the greens from establishment to harvesting to storage.

There are some similarities in their strategies and some differences.  There's a lot in here.

The Farmers:
Elliot Seldner of Fair Share Farm in Winston Salem, NC.
Brandon Gordon of Five Acres Farms in Pleasant Plains, AR
Erich Schultz of Steadfast Farm in Queen Creek, AZ
Ray Tyler of Rose Creek Farms in Selmer, TN

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