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Today's episode is a BEST OF episode, which is a replay of a previously aired episode.  Enjoy!

Stefan Sobkowiak of The Miracle Farm is encouraging more vegetable farmers to consider planting some fruit trees. And to start planting some trees now, so they are established and producing when you or the vegetable farming gets old.

Now you may be saying, "I barely have enough time to do the work that I am doing now."

Establishing this orchard might not take as much time as you think. And the slow growth of trees might be on your side.

As Stefan will talk about in this episode he manages his whole operation on just 50 hours per year.

That includes all pruning, training, irrigation, spraying, clean-up, the whole lot.

And he thinks that one person could maintain 4 to 6 acres.

Overall making it a doable takes that makes your farming enterprise less fragile while adding some diversity to your farmer's market booth or CSA box.

If that sounds intriguing stay tuned.

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