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Over the last two decades, through experimentation and with nature leading the way over machinery, I have been able to create a successful no-till farm that uses complementary techniques to eliminate fossil fuels and weeding, conserve water and labor, and let nature do more of the work. And, my relationship with the soil and plants has been enhanced in a way that is personally and deeply nourishing.

I am constantly amazed that there is a creature that lives in our soils that weighs 1/30th of an ounce and can move a two-ounce stone, equivalent to a 150-pound person moving a 9,000-pound boulder. When this same creature eats, its castings contain ten times the potassium, seven times the phosphorus, five times the nitrogen, three times the magnesium, 1.5 times the calcium, and 1.4 times the humus as what was ingested.

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