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Texas farmer and design consultant Ben Tyler comes on the show to talk about restoring native tall grass prairie.

He is using the natural destructiveness of hogs to remove invasive species and clear the way for tall grass prairie. He is integrating the prairie restoration into a tree crop system that provides yields in the form of nuts and woody forage.

Ben is someone who is out there managing the landscape to restore it to the way that it was while generating some yields in the process. Ben knows A LOT about plants and discusses a variety of woody forage plants and tree crops.

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Mark Shepard and Kevin Muno come on to talk about an upcoming Restoration Agriculture workshop in San Diego.

In this episode they touch on how Mark uses keyline design, how most properties could benefit from keyline practices, designing for high value niche crops, and designing for Mediterranean tree crop systems.

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What do you do if you have a passion and there is no one out there offering you a job to fulfill that passion?

One option is to just work any job, foregtting what you are actually passionate about.  And that is what many people do, and I think that those people can attest to the fact that that option sucks.

Another option is to find the intersection between your passions and your strengths and problems that need solving and solve those problems by starting a business.

This podcast is about that.   this is the audio from Rob Avis's presentation from PV1.

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Troy Martz of Off Grid Pro talks about what is gasification and what is the difference between wood gasification and charcoal gasification? And he touches on his talk topic at PV2 - choosing the right alternative energy technologies for your climate, biome, and context.

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On this show Adam and I talk about an early trip that he made to the Acres USA Conference and how he benefitted from that experience, stating "I was just at a point where I realized that for me to make the next step forward with the farm, I had to make a big step." We also touch on one of his worst experiences on the farm and how he recovered and moved past it.

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Talking to PV2 speaker Luke Callahan of Seedwise.

We touch on the value of learning with others who have more experience than you and creating connections and relationships with high quality people.

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For more information on PV2 you can visit:

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In this presentation Curtis will walk you through the process in which a 2100 square foot lawn can be converted to a productive mini farm. He’ll discuss the technical process of conversion, and the economics of production. This talk will be useful for anyone who is curious about how much food can be harvested from an average lawn space or anyone who is interested in commercial urban farming. Curtis will demonstrate that your average lawn can be a considerable source of revenue, generating $18,000, or a significant source of food for the community.

The Workshop:

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