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It's fungal intelligence that I will be exploring today with the brilliant Peter McCoy. Peter is self-taught mycologist with 15 years of accumulated study and experience, Peter is an original founder of Radical Mycology, a grassroots organization and movement that teaches the skills needed to work with mushrooms and other fungi for personal, societal, and ecological resilience

Peter is also author of the book Radical Mycology, an in depth and comprehensive look at mycology and mushroom cultivation. This book is a beast, it's nearly 700 pages, and covers a variety of topics related to mycology, some common, so not so common. There's a ton of interest concepts and ideas in that book, a few of which we will be exploring today.

In this episode, we get into a wide variety of subject matter related to mycology from Remediation, importance of mycorrhizal fungi, fungi with annual crops, future of medicinal mushrooms and medicine, marketing versus effectiveness in some mushroom based products, and future of psilocybin mushrooms in medicine.

The reason that we are able to get into all this subjects isn't because of me. It's because of Peter. Peter's brilliant. There's a lot here, enjoy it.

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