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We're back for another Season of The Urban Farmer with Curtis Stone.

Season Two will kick off on Wednesday, April 6.

Just like last year, I am going to follow farmer Curtis Stone on a journey through a full farm season, taking you behind the scenes to see what being a small scale farmer is really like.   

This episode is a preview of what's to come.

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All of the guests for this episode are listeners of the show.  Listeners just like you.  

A few months ago I asked for feedback on the first season of the show, and I received a ton of it.

Today, I will share some of it with you.

If you submitted feedback for the show and gave me the OK to read it, thank you, this episode is yours.  

As humans I think we live in a guru culture.  A culture that puts people on a pedestal.  

And that can be dangerous because it creates limiting beliefs.  

Beliefs that we could never be like them.

Beliefs that we aren't good enough.  

Beliefs that we have some sort of unfair disadvantage.  

Beliefs that we can't do what they do.  

Because they are an expert, and we aren't.

A lot of people view Curtis as that expert and put him on that pedestal of knowledge.

They create limiting beliefs in their mind and tell themselves, I could never do what Curtis does.

I have sat in workshops with Curtis and heard it first hand, time and time again.  

And if you believe that, that you could never do what Curtis does, then Henry Ford said it best...

Whether you think you can, or think you can't - your right.  

This episode today is for the people who think they can.

If you ever feel stuck or stalled or find yourself struggling and wondering if you can actually do it, then here’s an episode for you.

An episode full of stories of “ordinary” people doing the hard work to go after what they want in life, and showing that it might not always be easy, but it is possible.

Learn more about this episode at

If you want to learn more about Curtis Stone and urban farming, then check out Curtis’ book, The Urban Farmer and his course, Profitable Urban Farming.

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Paul’s central premise is that habitats have immune systems, just like people, and mushroom forming fungi are the foundation of the foodwebs of land based organisms.

Our close evolutionary relationship to fungi can be the basis for novel pairings that lead to greater sustainability and immune enhancement. As w​ e are now fully engaged in the 6th Major Extinction (“6 X”) on planet Earth, our biospheres are quickly changing, eroding the life support systems that have allowed humans to ascend. Unless we put into action policies and technologies that can cause a course correction in the very near future, species diversity will continue to plummet, with humans not only being the primary cause, but one of the victims.

What can we do?

Fungi, particularly mushrooms, offer some powerful, practical solutions, which can be put into practice now. Paul will discuss his groundbreaking research utilizing their cellular networks to create molecular bridges governing the evolution of sustainable habitats. The implications of his research are far-reaching and could spark a paradigm shift to a better future.

This presentation was recorded live at PV2 in March 2015.

For all of the audio presentations from PV2 visit:

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Today's episode is actually a rebroadcast of a presentation that Curtis gave in January in San Francisco.

The presentation is called Farming in the City.

In this presentation, Curtis will take you on a tour of his one third of an acre urban farm, where you will get an inside look at the day to day operations of the farm from vegetable production to sales.

Curtis will show how he farms commercially, and profitably, in backyards and on small plots of land in the city, land that he doesn’t own. You’ll learn about the methods and techniques that Curtis has used over the last six years to grow his sales and profits.

See video related to this presentation at

More on Curtis Stone:

The Urban Farmer Book by Curtis Stone

Profitable Urban Farming – The Course

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If you're a farmer, what are your options for selling product?

CSA's, farmers markets, on farm sales, grocery stores, and buying clubs.

Buying clubs?

It's one of the options that doesn't get talked about a lot. But it's the focus of this episode.

In this episode I am talking with Sheri Salatin of Polyface Farms about Polyfaces Metropolitan Buying Clubs.

In their words they describe buying clubs as a a local food distribution system that combines the real-time interfaces of online marketing with community-based interaction. These kinds of interfaces, without bricks and mortar, using the internet, create efficiency and economies of scale in local food distribution.

Sheri goes into a lot of the specifics about their buying club and talks about how she grew Polyface's buying club from 30 customers to over 6000. 30 to over 600.

How they manage their inventory
How they started their buying club
How their buying club grew
How their buying club allowed them to grow the farm

If you don't know much about buying clubs now, you will leave this episode knowing a lot about buying clubs.

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This episode is the reading of the blog post, Soil Life Exploding At Judy Farms, written by Greg Judy.

"2010 was our fourth complete year of Holistic High Density Planned Grazing on Judy farms. The last six months on Judy farms have been a real eye opener. We have seen some unique circumstances that have never been witnessed before on our farms. Some of the numbers and sights that we are seeing are going to be hard for you to believe. That is fine, skepticism is good. But………we now have much more hard data that has been collected from permanent transects on our farms. Before we dive into these latest happenings, I want to cover where we started at and the progression we have seen over the last four years. This will give you a time table of where we started at and the length of time that elapsed to the present."

To read the full post visit

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