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"You have to be willing to fail. You have to be OK with failure."

That's what entrepreneur Jack Spirko told me. He's built a variety of businesses in his career. Some of which have been very successful and some of which have failed. One of his successes has been the hugely popular Survival Podcast.

You can learn a lot of Jack. Jack is a permaculturist, small scale farmer, and he knows a lot about running and marketing businesses.

If you want to run a farm based business, listen to today's episode. You'll see how important it is to take risks and put in a lot of hard work knowing that you could fail and it could all be for naught.

A big part of success really is that simple.

Eight years ago Jack started his podcast recording it in his car on his way to work. He didn't have grand plans of it being a business at the beginning. He just needed to figure out how this podcasting thing worked for a client. So he figured he would give it a shot and see what came of it..

He focused on content that he was interested in. Thinking that others likely would be as well, they were. He then focused on building his audience and then building the business around that.  

He started low tech, and low cost using some very cheap equipment, in the beginning putting out content consistently was more important.

And he put together his notes each morning getting up at 330AM before he left for work. He put in the time. Something that’s not always easy to do.

I think that you will really get a lot out of this interview.

You'll learn how to market your products.

How to come up with new products to sell.

And why the customer isn't always right, and why all customers aren't the customer that you want..

There's a lot in this one and at its core this interview gets into what it takes to build, grow and market a business. It might make you want to start a business; it might make not want to start a business. Both valuable conclusions.

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Jack Spirko will be one of the speakers at PV3 in March 2016.
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