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Today is part one of an interview with farmer John Suscovich.  

And today's episode was recorded one year ago in February 2015.  And Part Two was recorded in February 2016.

So you will get two perspectives from the same person, separated by a lot time and experiences.

You hear about what John learned about life and farming over the course of year and how his farm evolved based on what he's learned.

Today's episode will help a lot of your looking to start a farm or a business by tacking on questions such as, why going from intern to full on farmer as a business was a foolish move for John. And what advice he would have for someone just starting out. He will also share his thoughts on taking on part time farming with job versus going full time farming first. And how he deals with a farm that has a diversified product offering.

Then in part two we will circle back with John one year later and see how things have changed on the farm, and why they have changed.

Because a lot has changed in the last year.  

And as you will hear in this episode, in farming and business, life if going to do whatever the hell it pleases to you. All you can control is how you react to whatever life throws at you, and you can either shut down or you can soar.”

See some of the notes and John’s videos at

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