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Not every business will work, but over the course of a career odds are, one idea will work.  
If you want to be an entrepreneur, then it’s up to you to smartly continue on until you find it.  Because you can’t win the race, unless you finish the race.
But can you find that right idea?  
Many of people don’t think that they can.  
And it’s that defeating self talk that keeps many people from succeeding, and many more of even starting in the first place, thereby having no chance at future success.  
This episode is geared at the entrepreneurs and the wantrepreneurs who are listening; the ones who think they can and the ones who think they can’t. 
Because either way, you’re right.
In today’s show, I am talking with entrepreneur, and business owner Philippe Choiniere of Oneka.
Philippe didn’t have the ideal road to become a business owner (none of us do).
He started as as a professional hockey player and now finds himself owning a leading sustainable personal care products line.
Likely not the career path that he would have mapped out ahead of time.
But that’s the greatness of his path.  It wasn’t that ideal path, it was the real path, the actual path, that took place in reality.
His journey wasn’t always easy, it was hard, but he pushed through and he now has a growing and profitable business.
Along the way he gained the equivalent of three real world MBA’s in the school of hard knocks.  And he will share a lot of that with you in this episode.  
He is going to talk extensively about his entrepreneurial journey.  He is going to talk about what it feels like to deal with rejection and failure.  And he is going to talk a lot about marketing and branding and some of the expensive lessons that he has learned along the way.  
Philippe’s clearly learned a lot, and one tell to of that is the calmness and acceptance with which he states that everyone isn’t the right customer, and he is going to charge what his product is worth. 
Sage advice.
Enjoy this one.
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