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Busy versus effective.

Two different ways of getting stuff done.

Think of busy as the pinball in a pinball machine, a lot of bouncing around randomly, getting some stuff done, but not in the most linear way. Where effective is like the bowling ball headed down the lane, a straight shot targeting a specific pin. Both lead to results, the busy route does a lot more moving per unit of work done.

Usually these two routes are mutually exclusive. Busy people aren't effective, and effective people aren't busy.

The danger in being a busy body, is just that, you are just busy; you are doing a lot of work, maybe the right work, maybe not, maybe in the right order, maybe not, and the cost of being busy is a loss of time.

Whereas the effective person does what they need to do when they need to do it based on the time that they have available and the priority of the task at hand. This saves the effective person time, allowing them to get more done, or just have more free time.

Time can be a major constraint for entrepreneurs. You can’t get more of it, and we all only have 24 hours in a day, so using that time effectively is going to determine what your lifestyle looks like.

Today I am talking to an entrepreneur who has made shifts in their life to make their time less busy, and more effective.

It's Erik Ohslen of Permaculture Artisans.  Erik's been on the show a few times in the past, and if you have heard those shows that you will know that he founded the successful landscape design and build company Permaculture Artisans.

In addition to running that company, Erik also is a part of several other businesses, and he's married, and he has kids.

How does he make it all work?

That's the focus on today's episode.

I am going to dig into Erik's new business venture, ForeSite mapping, and the strategy behind that.

The second half of the episode will get into how to balance family and business?

The key in all of this, is to make effective decisions, so you are less busy with your time.

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